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 Bop Tribal


Bop Tribal

The jazz quintet group assembled by leader Satomi Yarimizo (piano), BOP TRIBAL showcases the fierce improvisational prowess of its members. DeShannon Higa (trumpet) & Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone) provide the dual melodic elements while Yarimizo, Abe Lagrimas Jr. (drums), Shawn Conley (bass) lay down the groove like a well-oiled, high octane machine. B.T.'s home base is in 50s hard bop, but it adeptly weaves its way through modal jazz, bebop, post bop, and even hip hop. This is quintessential New York jazz, transported to the Honolulu stage!


Interview with Bop Tribal

Q1. How did Bop Tribal get started?

A1. Satomi: In winter 2007, I had an offer from a Waikiki club to put together a band and play weekly gigs. So I decided to put together a quintet since no one else had a quintet in Hawaii and just thought it would be cool.

Fortunately, I was able to gather my favorite and top local musicians. In 2008 March, we did sort of a "preview/rehearsal" show at the "Dragon upstairs", where I regularly perform with my quartet. The show turned out really great-- the music was so happening, it was so much fun, the band's chemistry was great, and everybody in the house, both the audience and musicians, became huge fans of the band. So it turned out that the Waikiki gig never happened, but all of us in the band strongly felt that we should continue doing the quintet.

Q2. How did this 1st album recording project happen?

A2. Satomi: We just started performing in March as Bop Tribal, but every gig filled the house, and in 3 months the band has become the favorite jazz group in the local scene. We wanted to spread our music further and reach out to a wider range of audience, so we decided to record an album and also produce some video clips.

Q3. What's next for the band?

A3. Satomi: We'll be playing regular shows at our home base, the Dragon Upstairs, and other local venues such as Honolulu Club and Rafters. We would like to plan tour in west coast, Japan and other countries.
We'll play standard and original tunes, build up a wide range of repertoire and musically enrich ourselves, and start producing the next album.

For this album, we only had 1 month from the time we decided to do a recording to the actual recording date, so the schedule was very tight and hectic. For the next album, we'd like to take a little more time than that.

Q4. What do you like about this group?

A4. Satomi: The band is very closely bonded musically, as well as with strong friendship. Some of the band members grew up together, and have been playing with each other for a long time before Bop Tribal was formed. After forming the quintet and getting ourselves involved in the album production, I feel that the bond has gotten even tighter, both musically, and mentally. And above all, being a part of this group is very inspiring since everybody is so talented!

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