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1st Album

 Bop Tribal



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Track 1: One Bad Song a Day (Reggie Padilla)

A driving composition. I was inspired from Kenny Werner's book on his ideas about composition. He suggests trying to write one bad song a day to combat writer's block.

Track 2: Melancholic Toes (Satomi Yarimizo)

I had always wanted to write a tune in 5/4 time, so I took this opportunity to compose something that would work for this quintet. The chord changes are inspired by the second half of "Giant Steps" by Coltrane. The tune was completed about two weeks before the recording date, and was named "Melancholic Toes" because everyone in the band had a huge kick out of seeing me wear a pair of five-fingered socks-- they are very popular in Japan.

Track 3: Manoa Mist (DeShannon Higa)

Oddly enough, this song came to me in the shower. It reminds me of sitting on a window sill on a rainy afternoon, listening to the sound of raindrops bouncing off the window.

Track 4: Jellyfish (DeShannon Higa)

One of my more groove-inspired tunes. I just love a good 3/4 R&B feel with a jazzy slant.

Track :. Bop Tribal (DeShannon Higa)

This was written as a theme song for the group, which I think encapsulates the driving energy and emotion of the ensemble.

Track 6: Tune 4 April (Reggie Padilla)

I wrote this ballad in April for my jazz combo class at New York University while attending graduate school.

Track 7: On The Edge (DeShannon Higa)

Written in the spirit of 60s Miles, it is free in terms of the chord changes and tempi during the solos. It is part of my journey as a composer to have the musicians solo over different sections, each one as distinct as the soloists themselves.

Track 8: Lemon Flavored Suede Shoes (Reggie Padilla)

Also inspired by Kenny Werner. It is a New Orleans second line feel. The melody just came to me one day


"BOP TRIBAL"  Liner Notes

        Jazz will always be considered a place for individualism or mavericks. That being said at the heart or the core of the music there’s a selfless spirit, a sense of common goals that were collaboratively pursued. That’s Bop Tribal, a local Honolulu Jazz group consisting of very talented young musicians.
        To be considered a “Jazzer” today is not the same as it was 15 or more years ago. Then it was Miles, Lester, Marshall, Sonny, Count, Bird, Trane etc. etc. etc. If it wasn’t them it wasn’t Jazz. Even today there is a core who feels that way. Boy, are they missing out. Take the group Bop Tribal for instance. They are missing out on a group who meld and make music you will “get into” from the first few bars of the opening tune, written by tenor man; Reggie Padilla not aptly titled but humorously “One Bad Song A Day”. Reggie also wrote “Tune 4 April” and “Lemon Flavored Suede Shoes”.
        The leader, pianist Satomi Yarimizo wrote the next tune “Melancholic Toes” and shows her ability to weave a melody. What’s most striking to me is her melodic and structural integrity in both her playing and writing.
        If there is a centerpiece to this project it is DeShannon Higa’s trumpet work, flugelhorn playing and writing. “Manoa Mist”, “Jellyfish”, “Bop Tribal”, “On The Edge” were four tunes he wrote for this project and each has it’s own exciting and emotional feel.
        Rounding out the players we find Abe Lagrimas, Jr.. on drums (a soon to be national Jazz superstar, you heard it here first). If you haven’t already, just wait until you hear him play vibes. On bass Shawn Conley whose technique wraps the ribbon around the gift of this group’s first project.


Don Gordon, KIPO - Honolulu

All Songs Published By: Pass Out Music Publishing (BMI).

Bop Tribal's official website and contact

Pass Out Records.

P.O Box 971584, Waipahu, HI 96797 USA

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