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1st Album

 Bop Tribal


Satomi Yarimizo

piano, leader, composer, arranger

Satomi Yarimizo is a renown jazz pianist in Hawaii. She started taking piano and organ lessons in Japan at age three. During her teen years, she played drums, guitar as well as saxophone. She really loved playing music. At age 13. She started playing simple jazz/fusion by ear. She already loved jazz very much and listen the same music over and over. During middle and high schools she did a lot of ensemble and arrangement work for piano and keyboard. She played fusion with her friends.

She moved to Hawaii in 2000. She started to seriously teach herself jazz theory in 2004 and to sit in at local jazz venues in order to become a full-time musician. In 2005, a friend of hers and one of the greatest trumpet player, Tiger Okoshi recommended her to come to his school, so she attended the intensive summer course at the Berklee College of Music in Boston to further enrich her understanding of jazz. She started gigging soon after she returned to Honolulu, and now regularly perform jazz 2 to 4 nights a week at assorted venues with her duo, trio, quartet and quintet featuring various respected local musicians and visiting musicians such as Valery Ponomarev, Frank Perowsky and Stafford Hunter. She has been a house pianist of the Dragon Upstairs from 2006 and her band is playing Saturdays regularly.

Ttrumpet & flugelhorn Tenor saxophone Piano Bass Drums

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